Asintado – March 12, 2018 HD Replay

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Asintado – March 12, 2018 PinoyTVa HD REPLAY

Asintado (Lit: Accuracy) is a Philippine melodrama television series, directed by Onat Diaz and Lino Cayetano.

The series stars Julia Montes, Shaina Magdayao, Paulo Avelino, Aljur Abrenica, Lorna Tolentino, Agot Isidro, and Cherry Pie Picache.

The series revolves around two sisters, Juliana and Katrina Ramirez, who were separated as children after a tragic fire incident that killed their parents.

Katrina blamed Juliana for their parents’ death. Following the tragedy, the two sisters were adopted; Juliana carried a Dimasalang surname while Katrina changed her identity to Samantha Del Mundo.

Years later, Anna became a Nurse while Samantha became a successful jeweler. Juliana fell in love with Gael, Samantha’s ex-boyfriend.

Samantha and Gael’s family didn’t like Anna for Gael which made them to create a evil plot against her, Samantha saw the incident but didn’t say anything out of jealousy.

The plot did not go as planned; Juliana survived the incident with the help of Xander and Celeste. After months of being in a coma, Anna woke up in the hands of the Xander and his group members whose family members were also victims of Salvador. Anna full of anger, bitterness and pain is going to seek revenge for what happened to her and her adopted father (Vicente Dimasalang).

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